Body certified to Din EN 12642 code XL, (Tuv-Load securing cert. in german)
2 reflective marker plates 565x200 ECE-R70 fitted vertically on rear doors Provision of German ATP certificate including sticker and ATP plate Country of registration: "Lithuania" Provision of export plate International custom seal (TIR) for body with rear door, with TIR certificate

Galvanized and bolted "short chassis" for chassis-less specification Semi-trailer suitable for tractor unit to ISO 1726 Single bolted 2" king pin, position 1600mm, 10 year warranty against rust break through on galv. parts (as per terms & conditions) Trailer wheelbase 7600 mm Rear underrun bar bolted according to RL 70/221/EWG Basket type spare wheel carrier for 2 wheels behind the bogie side guard rails to RL 89/297/EWG in conjunction with pallet rack:SCHMITZ GRANITE

Ferry specification w/o splitter suspension 3 pairs ferry hold down shackles on chassis, not in acc. with DIN/ISO 9367

ROTOS SCB running gear (disc brakes) SCB axle 9 t, Track 2040, SpCe 1300, 120 offset disc brakes 430 mm Disc diameter ap. 430mm

SCB-air susp. type: MRH-HO30

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Marka: Schmitz Cargobull
Modelis: Sko 24
Izlaiduma gads: 2015
Cena: 30 000 €
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